Photo by fellow artist and friend, Anna Jeglova, jeglova.com

Photo by fellow artist and friend, Anna Jeglova, jeglova.com

Hello AND Thank you for stopping by

Here are few words as a way of introduction.

I was born to the family of artists in St. Petersburg, Russia. All my understanding and artistic ability I owe to my parents. I received the most meaningful art instruction from my father. I have never had any formal art education at an art institution, although I've been let in to study printing techniques (mostly etching and aquatint) and practice life drawing at the Cornish College of the Arts and the University of Washington in Seattle, years ago. 

I spent years pursuing my other talents before actually coming to terms with who I am and recognizing my native element of art. Over the years I have dedicated myself to analogue photography, 35 mm and medium format, digital collages, sketching, printing, making jewelry, before discovering pottery, and finally, textile design. The latter is not at all surprising: my mother is a textile artist, so I grew up admiring and aiming to understand fabrics.

My favorite medium is watercolor. I also use ink, pencils, gouache, wax, and charcoal. 

I am making my home in Chicago. Prior to that I lived in Houston and Seattle, and everywhere I lived I always found major inspiration in nature.